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The Moss Report Podcast features in-depth conversations about alternative, complementary, and innovative cancer treatments.

Podcast Host, Ralph W Moss, PhD, speaks with doctors, researchers, patients, and health professionals from around the world.

Ralph W. Moss, PhD
Author and Host of
The Moss Report Podcast

Dr. Moss is considered to be the foremost authority on alternative and complementary cancer treatments. Since 1974 he has written 12 books and three films about cancer. He maintains an up-to-date library of Moss Reports, comprehensive guides to treating the most common cancer diagnoses and offers consultation services for cancer patients and their families.

Since the mid-1970s, Ralph W. Moss, PhD, has been writing about alternative and complementary cancer treatments. His journalistic efforts began as a science writer for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He also began “Second Opinion,” an underground newsletter that shed light on drug industry influence over his employer, MSKCC.
After being fired by MSKCC as a whistle-blower in 1977, Moss wrote The Cancer Industry (1980). This was a full-scale exposé of President Nixon’s “War on Cancer.” This book, published by Grove Press and featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes, took a deep look at the confluence of money and medicine in the cancer field.
In the 1990s, Moss was a founding advisor of the NIH ‘s influential Office of Alternative Medicine (now the $151.9 million National Center for Complementary and Innovative Health). After writing Questioning Chemotherapy in 1996, Moss continued to write books, articles, scientific papers, and blog posts on the topic, including Customized Cancer Treatment, Antioxidants Against Cancer, and Doctored Results (2015), which coincided with Eric Merola’s documentary, Second Opinion. In both of these, Moss considered the fierce laetrile controversy of the 1970s from a 21st Century perspective.
In 2018, Moss went to live full-time in midcoast Maine and, together with his son, Ben, and Ben’s family, began a renewed effort to reach a broader public with his 38 diagnosis-specific Moss Reports, his phone consultations, and his newsletter/blog, in which he chronicled important developments in alternative and complementary cancer treatment.
Along with his recent book-length exposé, Cancer, Incorporated, and a leading role in his grandson Jacob Moss’s hour-long film, Immunotherapy: The Battle Within, The Moss Report podcast is Dr. Moss’ latest effort to move the field of oncology in a more natural, humane, and non-toxic direction.

Rachael H. Moss
The Moss Report Podcast

Rachael Moss is the granddaughter of Ralph W. Moss and Producer of The Moss Report Podcast. Rachael graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2019 where she worked as a DJ and later, manager, of the school radio station, WUNH “Free Waves”. Rachael is thrilled to be working with her grandfather and to be using her radio experience in the production of The Moss Report Podcast.

You can contact Rachael at podcast@mossreports.com.

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