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Before submitting this form, please be sure to check the FAQ, below.

How do I schedule a consultation with Dr. Moss?2023-02-03T12:01:17-04:00

After more than 30 years of consultation practice, Dr. Moss has retired from individual guidance in order to focus on producing the most relevant and up-to-date articles and podcasts.

We have taken the FAQ from his long career as a consultant, and turned it into the Help Yourself Heal™ video series. Dr. Moss shares over 10 hours of the advice he has been providing in his consultations.

The HYH™ videos are viewable with a Full Access Subscription.

How can I purchase a ‘Moss Report’ on a specific diagnosis?2023-02-03T11:02:50-04:00

We no longer offer individual Moss Reports on cancer. However, we’ve taken the bulk of the diagnosis specific information, and updated it. You can now access ALL 50+ of our new diagnosis specific Guides to Conventional Treatment with a Full Access Subscription to The Moss Report. You can find them under the Conventional Section as Diagnosis Specific Guides.

How do I download or print the Moss Method Guides?2023-02-03T11:06:01-04:00

In order to keep Dr. Moss’ work current and relevant, we have made all of our articles and guides accessible as digital content only. From our website, you are able to search for terms and topics, scroll through pages, and locate sections quickly through the Table of Contents. All PDF documents will display on your computer and can be viewed full screen by clicking on the four-way arrows at the top of the document.

How do we know who to choose from the Practitioner Map?2023-02-01T13:42:59-04:00

The map is a listing only of what is available around the world in the field of integrative oncology that we are aware of. Inclusion in the map does not indicate that we have specific knowledge of or endorse the resource.

We recommend reading our articles on the regions you are interested in to find more details and reviews. These can be found under “Doctors and Clinics”. Under this category, Dr. Moss has provided insight on specific clinics and treatments in these areas.

You can also do a search on our website for a specific clinic, practitioner, or treatment to find more information.

How do I set my subscription so it will NOT auto renew?2023-05-18T11:59:58-04:00

Go to “My Account”.

Click on the red button “Turn off auto-renew”.

Click “Yes, Cancel my subscription”.

Click “Unsubscribe”.

At this point, if you subscribed using PayPal, you must follow the prompts to your PayPal account to “manage automatic payments” by choosing “Cancer Communications, Inc” and “cancel automatic payments”.

You will continue to have access to The Moss Report content for the duration of your subscription.

How can I download Cancer, Incorporated?2023-02-01T13:38:05-04:00
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?2023-05-18T11:24:13-04:00

 Please visit and click on “Lost Password?” to reset your password.

I have a Full Access Subscription. Why am I being blocked from reading an article?2023-05-18T11:34:29-04:00

If you have subscribed to The Moss Report, you have access to all our content. You may not be logged in. Please visit this link to log in.

Can I upgrade my subscription from 1 Month to 6 Months and apply what I have paid already?2023-05-18T11:23:59-04:00

To upgrade your subscription, be sure you are logged in, and go to the subscribe page:

Then click on the 6-month subscription option and fill out the registration form. Stripe will prorate your subscription price automatically when it updates your subscription after the registration is completed.

Can I cancel my subscription before the 6 months is up and get a refund for the remaining months?2023-05-18T11:34:00-04:00