BioCare Hospital & Wellness Center

Tijuana, Mexico

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International Biocare Hospital and Wellness Center is led by Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez. The hospital has a team of 8 MD attending physicians. They offer treatment for a wide range of cancers.

The center provides various treatments such as Immunotherapy, both standard and Low-dose Chemotherapy, Whole Body Hyperthermia, Metabolic Therapy, and Nutrition Education. They also offer Microbiome Therapy, along with Cancer Stem Cell Treatment.

The hospital’s approach is integrative and complementary, emphasizing the use of a patient’s own resources. This includes anti-inflammatory strategies, non-toxic anti-cancer therapies, and methods that complement conventional treatments.

The International Biocare Hospital and Wellness Center emphasizes a tailored approach, blending traditional methods with innovative therapies.The center ensures patients receive comprehensive care that’s both modern and deeply personalized.

Medical Director Dr. Rodriquez

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