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Tijuana, Mexico

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Oasis of Hope, founded in 1963 by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., blends conventional and alternative therapies, placing strong emphasis on nutrition, detoxification, and holistic support. This holistic approach considers the patient’s emotional, spiritual, and psychological wellbeing in addition to the physical aspects of the disease.

Daniel Kennedy, the managing director, plays a pivotal role in the clinic’s operations. Dr. Francisco Contreras, the current Chief Oncologist and Medical Director, continues the family tradition, being a direct descendant of the founder. Dr. Contreras’s daughter, Rosa, further extends this lineage as a clinician, nutritionist and the likely future head of Oasis of Hope. This family-led approach contributes to the clinic’s distinct character and mission.

Central to Oasis of Hope’s philosophy is a metabolic approach to cancer treatment, with a dedicated focus on supporting the emotional and spiritual well-being of its patients.

Dr. Francisco Contreras

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