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Rosarito, Mexico

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Founded by Dr. Myron Wentz, the Sanoviv Medical Institute operates under the directorship of Ramses Ortega, MD.

Sanoviv Medical Institute views cancer as a significant degenerative disease and has developed a treatment program aimed at addressing its root causes. The institute’s approach integrates modern therapies and technologies with nutrition, supplementation, detoxification, and natural medicine.

The institute’s approach seeks to address both the visible cancer and potential underlying factors. They offer a collaborative model, where patients are integral members of their own care teams. In handling cancer, a team consisting of doctors, nutritionists, specialists, psychologists, biological dentists, chiropractors, imaging technicians, fitness experts, and spa therapists collaborate to aid patient health and recovery.

In addition to their medical treatments, Sanoviv emphasizes post-treatment care. They provide educational resources for patients post-treatment and their Aftercare department facilitates communication between the patient and their doctor for a year following treatment.

Dr. Ramses Ortega

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