St Andrew’s Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

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St Andrew’s Clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Rafael Cedeño as the director and lead physician, offers a wide array of treatments for various types of cancers.

Therapeutic protocols include methods ranging from Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy, and Localized Hyperthermia to more specialized treatments such as Insulin Potentiated Therapy and Metabolic Therapy. Additionally, the clinic provides Nutrition Education, Targeted Therapies, and Injected Therapies. A distinctive feature of their approach is the utilization of NK cells and dendritic cells.

Central to St Andrew’s Clinic’s philosophy is the belief in wounding tumors to activate anti-cancer immunities and up-colonizing leukocytes to augment the body’s natural defense against cancer. An emphasis is also placed on holistic patient care, which involves nourishing the patient, supporting detoxification, and other wellness practices

Dr Rafael Cedeño – Oncologist/Surgeon

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