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Nogales, Mexico

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The Warburg Way® is a cancer treatment developed by three researchers from The University of Arizona Cancer Center, drawing inspiration from Dr. Otto Warburg’s findings. Warburg’s research highlighted the insatiable appetite of cancer cells for glucose, revealing that they consume up to 200 times more sugar than their healthy counterparts. Capitalizing on this insight, The Warburg Way® implements a glucose deprivation strategy. By using over-the-counter Insulin R in tandem with a precise dose of chemotherapy drugs like 5FU – typically about 10% of the usual dosage – the treatment aims to direct the chemotherapy straight to the glucose-starved cancer cells, inhibiting or eliminating them. Since these chemotherapy drugs, such as 5FU, have been out of patent for over 50 years, the treatment is significantly more affordable than some alternatives. Advocates of The Warburg Way® underline its safety, its efficacy in tumor regression and pain alleviation, and its cost-effectiveness, offering patients relief in varying stages of their cancer journey. Warburg Way Medical is a palliative day treatment facility offering a series of treatments in a specific period of time. They are located walking distance from the Arizona, US border.

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