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Tijuana, Mexico

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Verita Life Mexico, under the guidance of clinic director Dr. Adrian Robertson MD, offers an extensive range of treatments for various cancer types. Specifically, they cater to solid tumors and other related conditions.

Their therapeutic approach encompasses a wide array of treatments, from Immunotherapy, Low-dose Chemotherapy, and both Whole Body and Localized Hyperthermia to Insulin Potentiated Therapy and Metabolic Therapy. The clinic also emphasizes the importance of Nutrition Education and offers innovative treatments such as Microbiome Therapy, Vitamin B Therapy, and Cryoablation. Furthermore, patients have access to Herbal Remedies, Repurposed Drugs, Targeted Therapies, Injected Therapies, and the therapeutic benefits of Mind Body Treatment, among others. The facility boasts Full Oxygen Hyperbaric Chambers and employs advanced treatments like Peptide Therapy and Cancer Stem Cell Treatment.

Verita Life Mexico’s approach is integrative, with an emphasis on individual patient needs.

Gideon Krausz – Director

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