Welcome to our U.S. Clinics section, where you’ll find a curated list of integrative oncology clinics across the United States.

This great nation has been a hub for medical advancements for decades, traditionally focusing on conventional treatments. The development of immunotherapy drugs, for example, has captured the spotlight. In addition, many major medical centers now offer integrative clinics or practices.

Dr. Ralph Moss, founder of The Moss Report, has tirelessly advocated for deeper connections between US oncology and natural methods in cancer treatment for over four decades. His decade-long tenure at the NIH’s Office of Alternative Medicine, we believe, has meaningfully helped to catalyze interest and stimulate demand, subsequently transforming the supply landscape of cancer treatment. Our work, starting from the mid-1970s, has consistently reported on the rise of integrative oncology in the U.S., capturing its growth from a niche interest to a burgeoning field. We invite you to explore, learn, and find the best integrative treatment options that the United States has to offer.