For several decades, Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D., maintained a library of between 25 and 100 ‘Moss Reports’, which were 500+ page encyclopedic documents, and were diagnosis specific. e.g., the Moss Report on Breast Cancer.

After a great deal of discussion, we decided that we had too much information to include in the newest update. It would have taken another couple of hundred pages and the books were already very large. We, therefore, decided to break up these lengthy reports into their constituent topics, organize them by category, and publish them as searchable, and incrementally updatable, files. This became ‘The Moss Report’ website.

All of the previously available content within the ‘Moss Reports’ is now dispersed throughout this site, including the various section of the diagnosis-specific reports. The bulk of the diagnosis-specific information can be found in the ‘Guides to Conventional Treatments for *diagnosis*’. These are all updated as of 2022. Because of the advantage of web publishing, vs producing individual books, The Moss Report content can continue to be updated on a rolling basis. This is a great improvement for The Moss Report, and for our readers, who naturally want the latest information. We can update our diagnosis-specific content, and everything else, whenever new information is available and not wait until a re-release of the entire library of Moss Reports (as was previously the case).

This change of format has also allowed us to lower an individual’s cost of accessing this information. In the past, each Moss Report was $349 apiece, which was a stretch for many readers. We now offer access to an entire library of almost 1,000 articles, books, etc. for the more affordable price of $19.95 per month.

As part of the change, printed editions of our reports are no longer available.

Another change is that Dr. Moss is retiring from his phone consultation service. This will enable him to have more time to continue to write articles full of his unique insights so that he can focus on the specific areas that are of most interest to our readers. We trust that our books, articles, and videos will more than make up for the personalized service formerly provided by individual phone consultations.

We welcome your questions, comments and feedback.